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I want users to authenticate themselves both with facebook and application accounts. I have managed to verify their fb account and store email, id and username information into another table. Application users can login with:


The identity check if the user and password are correct against the database. But, how can i change this behavior when users login in through their facebook account, so that i can have access to the Yii::app()->user->id globally.

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Why not try the extension like facebook-connect with facebook identity class already implemented.

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When I ran into this problem I ended up using http:// www.yiiframework.com/extension/hybridauth/, and the modifying HybridAuth's DefaultController outlined here.

The basic gist is:

  • Create a RemoteUserIdentity class in Components and authenticate the remote user.
  • Modify your UserIdentity class to allow users to be logged in without a hashed password.
  • Store the OAuth data inside a separate table with a relation to your Users table.
  • Grab their user information from Users based upon their FBUserId
  • Create a new LoginModel instance, and prepopulate it with the User information retrieved previously
  • Run LoginModel::login() and redirect.

So the whole thing looks something like this:


$identity = new RemoteUserIdentity('facebook');
if ($identity->authenticate())
// Check to see if we have already logged the user in before
$user = UserMetadata::model()->findByAttributes(array('key'=>$provider.'Provider', 'value'=>$identity->userData['id']));
if ($user === NULL)
    // If we haven't, save their FB details to UserMetadata
    $user = new UserMetadata;
    $user->user_id = Users::model()->findByAttributes(array('email'=>$identity->userData['email']))->id;
    $user->key = $provider.'Provider';
    $user->value = $identity->userData['id'];

$user = Users::model()->findByPk($user->user_id);

// Log the user in with just their email address
$model=new LoginForm(true);

    'username'=>isset($user->email) ? $user->email : $identity->userData['email'],

// validate user input and redirect to the previous page if valid
if($model->validate() && $model->login())


Feel free to yank all the related code from Github here and adjust as necessary. Hope that helps!

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