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How can i create a java.sql.timestamp without timezone (i´m getting 2007-09-23T10:10:10Z and i pretend 2007-09-23T10:10:10).

I try

Timestamp timestamp = Timestamp.valueOf("2010-10-23 12:05:16");

but in debug i saw that the cdate is 2007-09-23T10:10:10.000+0100 instead of 2007-09-23T10:10:10

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A Timestamp doesn't have a timezone. When you display the timestamp as a String, it displays a time and mentions the timezone, because else you couldn't know what time it represents. And it chooses to use the default timezone (yours), because that's the one you're the most familiar with.

Saying, it's 12:00:00 doesn't mean anything. Saying it's 12:00:00 in your timezone means something. But the timestamp only contains an instant in time. You may display this instant in time in any time zone you want using a DateFormat.

Note: Timestamp.valueOf("2010-10-23 12:05:16"); means "create a timestamp with the given time in the default timezone".

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That means that there isn´t a way to say that a don´t want the default timezone(or the same using a Date)? I pretend to ignore the Z in "23T10:10:10Z". – JMarques Dec 28 '11 at 12:07
Use a DateFormat, set its time zone and pattern to the ones you want, parse your date/time String, and instantiate the Timestamp with the milliseconds from the Date. To display the timestamp, instantiate a DateFormat, set its time zone and pattern to the ones you want, and format the timestamp. – JB Nizet Dec 28 '11 at 12:22

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