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Most recent build of Chrome (16.0.912.63 now) gave me one trouble with the developing of project I'm currently working on. In previous builds, data_url images were stored in memory as separate instances, if you added few of them with javascript ( same as Firefox works now ), but in the current Chrome, all images are same, so if animation of first one added is finished, next will show only last frame ( or animation of next added will start from the frame of animated image that is already placed in DOM ).

Same behavior as IE has. But in IE, I can remove IMG element with javascript after animation is done and it will be removed from memory, so next placed animated image will start from the very first frame.

Maybe you have any idea what to do?

How to remove animated gif image from Chrome's memory?

Or maybe how to randomize gif data_url? I tried to randomly change char or two in data_url string, got 2 or 3 working strings, without any visible changes, but different for browser. Maybe image format gurus have any algorithm to make such changes in real-time?

I created sample page to demonstrate what I'm talking about - http://www.jeka911.com/examples/gifdatachrome/

In browsers:

  • IE - works with checked "Remove after one second" checkbox ( if you adds next image after one second. Ok for me ).
  • Firefox - works
  • Chrome - troubles(Only first one is good).

Thank you for any help!

UPD: I'm sorry for everybody's time. Trouble is caused by one of Chrome's extensions ( AdBlock probably ). Anyway, I updated that sample page I've mentioned above with little tool to generate function for randomizing data-uri image. Maybe it will be helpful for somebody.

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It works fine for me in Chrome 16 on Windows 7 – MrMisterMan Dec 28 '11 at 12:47
Maybe minor releases differences, don't know. Worked week or so ago. My OS is XP, though I don't think there should be any difference. – Evgeniy Kiselyov Dec 28 '11 at 13:38

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