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Good day, I created a XSL-FO template which prints a few blocks containing texts that change dynamicaly. Sometimes a block is splitted across two pages because there is not enough space on the page. Is there a way to put the block on next page instead of splitting it across pages if it does not fit please? I tried to put it into a table with keep-together="always" but then each text is on single line (no line wrapping) and overflows right page margin where disappears. Thank you in advance!


  <fo:table table-layout="fixed" width="100%">
    <fo:table-column column-width="proportional-column-width(1)"/>
      <fo:table-row keep-together="always">
            Text 1
            Text 2
            Text 3
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possible duplicate of How do you add a page break in a PDF with XSL-FO? – Lukas Eder Dec 28 '11 at 13:12
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Most likely, you could use the page-break-inside attribute:

<fo:block page-break-inside="avoid">

There also exist other page-break attributes. Take the best one:

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