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I want to use ExecuteStoreQuery function of Entity Framework and I was wondered that my context variable didn't have ExecuteStoreQuery method.

So, I discovered that it's a method of ObjectContext class, but I've already used DbContext for my application. I simply had tried to change DbContext with ObjectContext, but it brought some errors(for example, in ObjectContext isn't OnModelCreating method).

How can I use ExecuteStoreQuery with DbContext and if I can't, is any alternatives of ExecuteStoreQuery in DbContext?

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A DbContext is simply a wrapper around the ObjectContext.

You can still access the original ObjectContext by using IObjectContextAdapter

(dbContext as IObjectContextAdapter).ObjectContext;
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I use this method successfully in my application. – Hammerstein Dec 28 '11 at 13:30

I want to add that I think now the correct method is:

dbContext.Database.SqlQuery<T>(string sql);
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If you want to track changes to the returned objects, you should consider dbContext.tablename.SqlQuery<T>(...) where tablename is your collection name. (i.e. a DbSet) – Carlos P Mar 31 '13 at 16:15

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