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Facebook has the feature to show instant auto-suggestion result in-various situations such as : searching , message sending etc.

i think I have been correct in terming the functionality as 'auto-suggestion'.

If a user has 1000 friends and s/he wishes to send message to a friend , then facebook will suggest his/her name on typing a few characters.

My question is: While pulling the data out of database to find friends (or for any such situation) and then handling with it, which technique does FB use to maintain the speed in auto-suggestion?

Is it caching the variable or what? I wish to know in details as i am planning to build a social networking site. My scripting language is php

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trying to accept satisfactory answers –  Istiaque Ahmed Dec 29 '11 at 3:34
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I think a good chunk of it is not so much PHP, although facebook are known to use hiphop to compile the PHP.

A more important factor IMO would be the database side of things. The query is probably as optimised as it can be, only getting back what it needs, caching will probably also come into play, i.e. the user's friends have been already retrieved, quite likely getting back the most frequently contacted friends. Also facebook have tons and tons of database servers, which can only help speed really.

Hope that helps

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hiphop link not working –  Istiaque Ahmed Dec 29 '11 at 3:36
if not so much php then what? –  Istiaque Ahmed Dec 29 '11 at 4:14
@IstiaqueAhmed link is fixed now... Not so much PHP more so the database queries/setup. You could even say the javascript which is doing the ajax post and showing the autocomplete, plays a factor. –  m4rc Dec 29 '11 at 7:57
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Probably a data structure like patricia-trie or ternary search tree.

A suggesttree like: suggesttree.

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The link is dead ... –  Stefan Bossbaly Dec 28 '11 at 14:35
@Sbossb Try now. edited it. –  ThinkingMonkey Dec 28 '11 at 14:36
If I use memcahced from memcached.org , should or do I need to go to those algorithms? –  Istiaque Ahmed Dec 29 '11 at 4:47
You will have have to use the data-structure even if you use memcached. Memcached is just for caching. The data structure will help when there are too many entries to go through. Keep the entries (with the use of a data structure) cached when a user login occurs. And use it only when the user tries to type into a text box set for auto-suggestion. i.e. this is concerned with AJAX & PHP. This will help with performance of the auto-suggestion (as you have mentioned: 'to maintain the speed in auto-suggestion?'). –  ThinkingMonkey Dec 29 '11 at 6:42
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Auto-suggesting with 1000 or even 5000 entries is not that hard. You have to retrieve the whole friend list, and to store it in indexed javascript array (for example we did it using the first letter as index, so friends['a'] = [andrey, albert] ) and then you are actually searching in memory from a small subset.

The invite window is build in similar fashion - you build an index of names -> dom elements, you perform the dom manipulation offline - and you are attaching the results with only people that match the searched term.

The friendlist is most likely cached in memcached, and facebook warm up caches as early as it can - it does not wait to use the friend list in any way in order to put it in memcache. So - it's retrieven in memcached, stored in local storage and uses efficient JavaScript. No DB involved here.

P.S. I'm not speaking for facebook, but for a similar solution we've designed to handle fast auto-suggest / invite dialog on 5000+ entries.

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'- you build an index of names -> dom elements, you perform the dom manipulation offline -' a bit more on dom manipulation? how can it be done offline? –  Istiaque Ahmed Dec 29 '11 at 4:57
@IstiaqueAhmed see here. By offline I mean do not apply anithing to the DOM rendered in the browser, but to an in-memory copy instead –  Darhazer Dec 29 '11 at 10:09
'No DB involved here' - so where are the profile records and such things stored? –  Istiaque Ahmed Jan 10 '12 at 12:37
,' You have to retrieve the whole friend list, and to store it in indexed javascript array ' - when should I do it? The time the user needs to trvaerse through the friend list i.e. sending msg to a friend? If so, then for the first time , the whole friend list has to be retrieved from DB and then to be held in js array. So from the second time on and not at the first time, the user will get the enhanced speed. Is my concept right? –  Istiaque Ahmed Feb 7 '12 at 7:25
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