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My goal is to use Twitter Bootstrap with my Symfony2 project. So, in my deps file I've added the following;


...and ran bin/vendors install that downloads the library to the vendors directory. Now, I have no idea on how to include any of the assets in the parent twig template. Do I need to create a custom "Bundle" or is including the vendors lib simply good enough?

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Probably, you are looking for this bundle. It does things you need.

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Indeed that's exactly what I needed. Thanks! – Kevin Dec 28 '11 at 21:26
This answer is probably what OP was looking for, but it doesn't really answer the question! I have a similar issue, trying to install jQuery UI through Composer, and I'm unable to find how should I access vendors/components/jqueryui/[files] in my templates. – Max Damage Mar 25 at 9:12

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