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In an upcoming project we need an advanced scheduler component. It needs to be capable of scheduling events for about 100 people (at the same time) over a period of 31 days, and each task will have several custom properties associated with it. A colleague of mine found this one, which would be almost perfect, but I've got my reservations against it because

  • It's based on ExtJS and we're already using jQuery. Although they don't conflict, it's a lot of duplicated functionality and ExtJS is pretty heavy as it is.
  • Performance could be better.

Is there anything that could rival the above mentioned component and be built on jQuery?

Added much, much later: Thank you all for answers. In the end, we decided to bite the bullet and roll out our own. It took a few months, but the result is good.

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A Google search pulled up these plugins: webdesignbooth.com/… –  Josh Smith Dec 28 '11 at 15:48
I've found similar lists myself. This particular one is mostly filled with dropdown calendars, which is not what I need. In fact, none of them support showing 30 days on the X axis, and 100 people on the Y axis. –  Vilx- Dec 28 '11 at 15:58

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Here some Calenadars/Schedulers,


Web2Cal it seems to have scheduler option too

jQuery Week Calendar- The Scheduler

wdCalendar JQuery AJAX Event Calendar

And here is a bit different idea of implementation of what you are looking for - TimeLine with events



One last thing, I have used another product from the Bryntum company - Gantt , and its really a great tool (never had conflicts with jQuery), so I'm sure their Scheduler is super as well...And I think its the most power full out there too

Ext Scheduler, javascript based on ExtJS

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There is also (you need to buy a license) http://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/web/scheduler/index.html

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