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  1. Given:
    • elements parent, child1, child2
    • child2 has height and overflow set so that its content appears with a vertical scrollbar
    • child1 and child2 each have child elements with width set using percentage

It appears that 100% of child2's width does not include the vertical scrollbar (testing in Chrome, although ideally I want a cross-browser solution). In other words:


If only one of parent.child1 and parent.child2 has a vertical scrollbar, then a child element of child1 has a different computed width than a child element of child2.

How can I arrange parent, child1, child2, and any children of child1 and child2 so that the width computed using percentages of child1 and child2 are the same??

Solutions can use tricks with absolute positioning of background layers, etc, and "modern" (ie not as widely supported) HTML5/CSS3.

Please and thank you!

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It seems to work for me. How would you change this? – FakeRainBrigand Dec 28 '11 at 15:05
@FakeRainBrigand Regarding the link to the jsfiddle you posted, you did not test with child elements of child1 and child2 as I described in my original post. When I run your fiddle on my browser, I get width 495px for parent , child1, and child2. Check out my updated version of your fiddle which displays the behavior I'm talking about. When parent is 495px, child1 is 495px and child2 is 495px, but child1a is 478px and child2a is 495px. I want child1a's 100% width to not subtract scrollbar width. – taz Dec 28 '11 at 19:34

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It looks to me like you'll need to "double bag" the children for this to work consistently how you'd like it to, applying percentage widths to the outer layer and height/overflow to the inner layer.

<div id="wrap">
   <div id="child-1" class="outer">
      <div class="inner">
         <!--- HTML goes here -->
   <div id="child-2" class="outer">
      <div class="inner">
         <!--- HTML goes here -->

#child-1 { width:60%; }
   #child-1 .inner { height:100px; overflow:auto; }
#child-2 { width:40%; }
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