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I have the SQL and trying to convert ti to Linq query. I need to group records by several fields, how to do that in Linq?

var statistic = DataAccess.Instance.Statistics.Where(
p =>
    p.DateStamp >= minDate &&
    p.DateStamp <= DateTime.UtcNow && p.UserId == userId &&
    GroupBy(p=>p.PageTitle //How to group by second(Url) field? 

 SELECT PageTitle
             , Url
             , Count(*) As [Count]
          FROM Statistic
         WHERE URL like @url
         AND DateSpan BETWEEN @dateRange1 AND @dateRange2
         AND UserId = @UserId
         GROUP BY PageTitle, Url
         ORDER BY Count(*) DESC, Url;
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possible duplicate of Group By Multiple Columns - LINQ – Pleun Dec 28 '11 at 15:17

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You need to group by an anonymous type:

.GroupBy(p => new { p.PageTitle, p.Url })
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