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I recently started using Conqueterm in gvim in fedora, it's lot of pain to type all that, so is there any way to map it to a shorter key i need to have this map to command mode(ESC -> :ctp) rather than in normal mode(ctp)

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User defined commands must always begin with a capital letter. Lowercase commands are only the built-in ones. Anyway, you can create a shorter version of your command by adding something like this to your .vimrc:

:command! Ctp ConqueTerm

Or add arguments to create an even more handy command:

:command! Ctb ConqueTerm bash

Another option is to check your autocompletion settings, and type :Con and hit the tab key. It should autocomplete to the full command. A map is also valid:

:cnoremap Ctp ConqueTerm

Or an abbreviation:

:cabbrev Ctp ConqueTerm

As you can see there are multiple ways of doing it. Each one has its unique aspect, though sometimes you'll not notice in simple commands like this one. Pick up the one that works better for you.

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Thanks for the quick answer... –  railerhelper Dec 28 '11 at 15:15

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