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I'm trying to customize the admin index of an open source app without changing too many things.

I thought I could easily do what I need just by checking the name of the models contained in app_list.models. Something like:

if model is "interface" or "device":
    show it

But i can't find a value that doesn't change depending on the settings and language of the django instance.

if i print some info in the template with:

{{ app_list.1.models.2 }}

I get:

  {'add': True, 'change': True, 'delete': True},
  'add_url': '/nodeshot-server/admin/nodeshot/interface/add/',
  'admin_url': '/nodeshot-server/admin/nodeshot/interface/',
  'name': <django.utils.functional.__proxy__ object at 0x7f67fced6ed0>

The add_url and admin_url depend on the settings, infact on my local instance "nodeshot-server" is the folder of the project while online is just "/admin/nodeshot/ecc.". The name key is also unreliable because it depends on the language in use, so if the language is Italian the name key won't be "interface" but "interfaccia".

Is there a way to retrieve the original name of the model (instead of the translated one) without changing the view? I don't really know what "django.utils.functional._proxy" although it looks like a mecchanism for lazy evaluation.

If is not possible I suppose I will have to write a custom view for the admin index.. right?

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What exactly are you trying to achieve? You want to hide some models? You're only telling us that your solution fails but not what you want to do. –  Thomas Orozco Dec 28 '11 at 15:47
i want to move some models on a different table. I want to change the layout basically. –  nemesisdesign Dec 28 '11 at 15:55
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Two options here. First, yes, you could simply override AdminSite.index and pass whatever you like to the context. If you go with that approach, you'll have to create and use an AdminSite subclass, and register your apps manually (admin.autodiscover() will no longer work).

The second option is to try to make use of the info you are provided. admin_url may change in part depending on context, but the last piece /nodeshot/interface will always be the same for that app and model. You can use a regex to search for this piece and respond accordingly. Though, since you're in the template at that point, you'd have to create a custom templatetag or filter to do the work. A filter would probably be your best bet. You can pass the model dict to it and return a boolean, which you can then use inside if statements.


import re

def goes_in_different_table(model_dict):
    if re.search(r'/nodeshot/interface/', model_dict['admin_url']):
        return True

    return False


{% load nodeshot_filters %}

{% if model|goes_in_different_table %}
    <!-- do something -->
{% endif %}
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Thank you for your great answer. I suspected i had to do that but I hoped I was wrong.. sounds like a lot of work to do something quite simple! –  nemesisdesign Dec 28 '11 at 19:06
wait a moment! you are right the last part of the url does not change therefore I can use the admin_url parameter but I do not need a template tag! I can just do {% if '/nodeshot/interface/' in model.admin_url %} How come i didn't think about it. Thank you for suggesting to use part of the URL! –  nemesisdesign Dec 28 '11 at 23:06
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You can override the admin template for each model. And don't duplicate the whole template file, override just the template block you want to change.

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doesn't that refer to the edit form? –  nemesisdesign Dec 28 '11 at 19:00
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The correct answer to this question is:

Use the bit that doesn't change in the if clause:

{% if '/nodeshot/interface/' in model.admin_url %}
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