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I just finished my first SlickGrid implementation at

Unfortunately, I've been getting reports back that the filter doesn't work on IE. I'm wondering if there are known issues with SlickGrid filtering on IE. Here's the offending code:

// Define search filter (currently searches name, birth place, and death place)
function myFilter(item) {
var searchWords = getWords(searchString);
var searchFields = ["name","birthPlace","deathPlace", "birthDate", "deathDate"];
if (searchWords){
    // Go through each of the words in the search string
    for (j in searchWords){
        var itemFound = false;
        searchWord = searchWords[j].toUpperCase();
        // Make sure that the word is in at least one of the search fields.
        for (i in searchFields){
            if (item[searchFields[i]].toUpperCase().indexOf(searchWord) != -1){
                itemFound = true;
        if (itemFound === false){
            return false;
    return true;

// Get all of the words in a search string
function getWords(wordString){
    pattern = /[^, ]+/g;
    wordArray = wordString.match(pattern);
    return wordArray;

Very many thanks!

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Doesn't seem to work at all in Chrome. No JS errors get reported. –  Tin Dec 28 '11 at 20:12
Sorry - this is just one very small portion of the code. –  Jeremy Dec 29 '11 at 2:09

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So, I learned that the problem was my for loop. I guess IE requires loops in the format

for (variable=startvalue;variable<=endvalue;variable=variable+increment)

So, my

for (j in searchWords)

broke things because you can't loop through an array like that. Oops. :)

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