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I have tried to use some of the max length functions found here, but I am running into some issues with them. I have tried to check the length of the form when the user presses a submit button, but the value in the variable does not change until the form is being submitted. Below is the relevant code:

<td align="left"><b>Comments:</b><br>
<form:textarea path="currentProjTask.comments" id="currComments" cols="100" rows="10" /></td>

Below is the code that creates a popup. The value will always be whatever the value was when the page was loaded, until it gets to the $("#command").submit(); line, then it will be whatever the user has entered.

var newcomments = document.getElementById("currComments").value;
var currentcomments = newcomments.length;
alert("currentcomments = " + currentcomments + " newcomments = " + newcomments);
    var newcomments = document.getElementById("currComments").value;
var currentcomments = newcomments.length;
    alert("currentcomments = " + currentcomments + " newcomments = " + newcomments);

I have tried many different ways to check the length, including functions for key presses etc, and none of those worked, yet none of them threw any errors.

I appreciate your help in advance, thank you very much.

EDIT for clarity:

The functions that I have tried have done nothing. For example, if I add in onkeydown='return maxLength(this,"30");' to the textarea block, and the function

function maxLength(field,maxChars)
   if(field.value.length >= maxChars) {
      alert("more than " +maxChars + " chars");
      return false;


This does nothing. The user can still type and submit the form.

With the alert box where I get the document.getElementById (when the user hits the submit button), the value received is the initial value of form on load of the page. A user can change the value in the text area, but the value in the alert box will always be the initial value in the box.

I should also mention this is a .jsp page.

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It would probably help people to help you if you would be a little more specific about exactly how the things you've tried don't work. –  Pointy Dec 28 '11 at 16:48
Pointy, I edited the page for clarity. Thank you. –  explosive_donut Dec 28 '11 at 17:07
You're passing "30" as a string instead of 30 as a number. That makes a significant difference. Also note that setting event.returnValue to false only works in Internet Explorer. In other browsers, you have to call event.preventDefault(); –  Pointy Dec 28 '11 at 17:17
Pointy, I added event.preventDefault(); and passed 30 as a number, and I still am having no luck. The program seems to only recognize changes on the submission of a form, but (due to the Christmas week) nobody is around to explain how or why. –  explosive_donut Dec 28 '11 at 20:56
It shouldn't matter if it's a .jsp page at all; by the time it gets to the browser it's HTML. I'll work up a jsfiddle; give me a sec ... –  Pointy Dec 28 '11 at 21:37

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OK, here are some problems:

  • event is not a global variable in all browsers. Your <textarea> tag should look like this:

    <textarea onkeypress='return checkMaxLength(event, this, 30)'></textarea>
  • The name "maxLength" appears to be problematic in Firefox. I changed the name to "checkMaxLength" for that reason.

  • The way to prevent the default action is different in standards-compliant browsers than it is in IE. In those browsers, you have to call the method "preventDefault()" from the event object. Thus:

    event.returnValue = false;
    if ('preventDefault' in event) event.preventDefault();
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This worked, thank you very much for your help. –  explosive_donut Dec 29 '11 at 13:22

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