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I have the following domain "http://www.myapps.com" which contains two web applications. In IIS 7.5 i have them configured this way:

MYAPPS (Website - http://www.myapps.com)
|-------MyAppOne (Application - Accessible by http://www.myapps.com)
|-------MyAppTwo (Application - Accessible by http://www.myapps.com/apptwo)


In MyAppTwo website, when i click for example in the hyperlink with the path "/Default.aspx", i'm redirected to http://www.myapps.com/Default.aspx .

How can i configure IIS to redirect instead to http://www.myapps.com/apptwo/Default.aspx?


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What does "...tries to access the root path..." mean? How can application "access a root path"? –  Uwe Keim Dec 28 '11 at 16:53
The web applications, are in fact to asp.net web apps. When i say "tries to access the root path" i mean when the application tries to access a webpage in the root folder where it's stored for example /Default.aspx. I hope you can now understand now. Thanks. –  Calbertoferreira Dec 28 '11 at 17:44

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