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My background is mainly .NET, including the ASP and VB components. I've also worked a good bit with MSSQL. However, I'm looking at building a new application and wondering if I should create it in PHP / MySQL. If so, I'm wondering what tools might be available to assist in rad development via this platform? It is essentially a niche CRM I'd be building, so any suggestions along that venue would be appreciated. I expect it to perform basic CRUD operations.

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Pretty much anything on the list of web app frameworks for PHP on WikiPedia will do this...… – ceejayoz Dec 28 '11 at 17:02
Did you look at any framework out there? There are quite a few. I have never searched with the optic of CRUD in mind, but I know some of them at least support some level of scaffolding. These days, I mostly use Symfony2, which works nicely with Doctrine2 as an ORM. – Louis-Philippe Huberdeau Dec 28 '11 at 17:40
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The most popular IDEs are based on Eclipse - either Zend Studio, itself based on the PDT plugin, or Aptana. For MySQL work, the MySQL Workbench is a must. They all come with many tools. There is also NetBeans, widely used but I can't judge it as neither I, nor anyone I worked with, used it.

There are lots of tools to be used for PHP development - from Ant / Phing for build jobs, XDebug, PhpUnit for testing... if you are a newbie, the Zend framework is a good starting point, it covers absolutely everything and it's PHP's closest equivalent to .NET development. Some people find it a bit bloated and prefer doing everything with smaller, hand picked tools.

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Well there's NetBeans for a start. The great thing about NetBeans is that it's an RAD for many different languages - PHP, C/C++, Java, Ruby and even JavaScript.

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