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When you install Bonjour for Windows you can resolve any ".local" mDNS name from anywhere in the system.

For example, you can "ping some_computer.local" and mDNSResponder.exe (Bonjour/mDNS Daemon) will respond.

However, mDNS operates on port 5353 so how does Windows know how to resolve these DNS queries?

Is mDNSResponder.exe hooking into the Windows DNS Resolver somehow?

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Bonjour for Windows allows any software using the standard name resolution APIs to resolve mDNS names; it does so by registering a DLL (mdnsnsp.dll) as a namespace provider using WSCInstallNameSpace.

The corresponding code is included in the mDNSResponder source (in particular, look at the mdnsNSP and NSPTool components).

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