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While running Business Objects reports,One of the cell value getting as '#ERROR'.

Actually what i am doing is ,I am constructing measuring object from two individual db fields.

and finally adding both of these two field values using "ToNumber" and "+".

Any hints how to solve this issue and is anyway to debug the code in BO.



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Firstly, When you are constructing a measure object, you are saving the numeric value in the object. Secondly, you cannot use ToNumber, as it should always be a number. Thidly, All the measure objects should use aggregate functions. This will ensure that the aggregation happens at the database for the selected dimensions.

Debugging code is a pain in BO, specially if you have a lengthy code written. You can always verify the code for syntactical correctness, and its better to use a text editor like Notepad and then paste the code over there.

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