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So I have a WAR. Let's call it HelloWorld.WAR. It contains a logback.xml that gets included into the war.

The system has a server-specific logback.xml. It's included via tomcat's setenv.sh. Let's call it /etc/logback.xml to avoid confusion.

When I start tomcat, it starts the application using /etc/logback.xml, then quickly switches to war/logback.xml.

I understand why this is. The logback.xml used is the last one found. So how can I make /etc/logback.xml the last one found?

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In your logback configuration use the debug switch to see what happens:

<configuration debug="true" ...

I assume your war file includes the logback libraries, just remove them (as Tomcat already has them when I understand your setting) and everything should work. When you use the debug switch, logback will complain that it found more than 2 instances on the classpath.

Much more is possible, take a look here: Logging separation

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