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I have encountered a problem that I want to define a map, that is sorted internally by the first's descending order. if the first is not a primary type, like if it's a class, I can just overload the "<" within that class, but I don't know how to deal with the int type. Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot!!

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Add a comparator:

#include <functional>
map<int, value_type, greater<int>> m;

The default is less<int>.

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You can specify a comparator when you create the map (it's an optional constructor argument).


bool my_compare(int x, int y) { return y < x; }

std::map<int,T,bool(*)(int,int)> my_map(my_compare);

Notice that I've needed to explicitly specify a 3rd template parameter as well.

[Note: I would strongly advise that you don't overload the < operator to perform >...]

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Look at the std::less implementation: You may write own comparator and use it together with map.

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