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I have following link in a.aspx file:

<a href="a.htm" target="iframe">A</a>

I want to set link from a.aspx.vb page according to what person is viewing the page. How can i change this so that if user clicks on link it will replace current frameset contained in current window with a url provided according to user?

Or in another way:

How will i replace href code in aspx page by giving it value from aspx.vb page?

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You can either make your current link accessible to the code-behind (your vb file) or use an .NET WebControl.

To make your HTML control visible to your code-behind, you need to add runat="server" and an ID:

<a href="a.htm" target="iframe" runat="server" id="myALink">A</a>

Then in your code-behind, you would access the control with the ID you gave the control earlier:

myALink.Href = "b.htm";

You could also use an ASP HyperLink control:

<asp:HyperLink NavigateUrl="a.htm" Target="iframe" runat="server" Id="myALink" />

And set it in the code-behind:

myALink.NavigateUrl = "b.htm";
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