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I'm working on a browser facing Node app which is driving me a bit nuts. I'm passing partials from express into the main view and rendering them with a basic .html method from jquery.

After I render these, I make an object which contains some methods to shoot the interactions with that object back to the server and act on them.

Problem is, as far as I can tell, the bind action is doing all of nothing. I'm including the code for that bit in here, any help would be much appreciated. I'm a bit inexperienced when it comes to building client-side JS things like this, most of my Node stuff has passed direct to embedded, desktop, or mobile style things, so I feel like I might be missing something very silly.


//User object for pop and interaction
var userObject = function( $id, $name, $colour, $updated, $responded ) {
this.initialize.apply( this, arguments);

$.extend(userObject.prototype, {
    id: null
    , name: null
    , updated: null
    , initialize: function ( $id, $name, $colour, $updated, $responded ) {
   = $id;
   = $name;
            this.colour = $colour;
            this.updated = $updated;
            this.responded = $responded;
            $( 'div.' + ).bind( 'mousemove', (function(e){

    , sendColour: function( e ) {
                console.log( 'interacting with ' + );
                var canvasPos = findPos( this );
                var canvasSize = {
                    x: $(this).width()
                    , y: $(this).height()
                var h = ( (e.x - canvasPos.x) / canvasSize.x );
                var s = ( (e.y - canvasPos.y) / canvasSize.y );
                var l = 1.0; 
                var colour = hsvToRgb(h*360,s*100,l*100);

                console.log( h, s, l, color );

                var msg = { 
                    , val1 : colour[0]
                    , val2 : colour[1]
                    , val3 : colour[2]
                    , timestamp : new Date()

                socket.emit( "msg", msg, function(err, msg) {
                    console.log("sent: " + msg + " ? err: " + err)
    , updateColour: function() {
        $('div.user.' + ).children('div.colourPreview')
            .css('background-color','rgb(' + r + ',' + g + ',' + b + ')');


The html file it's working on is this:

<div id="twitter">
   <div class="user 150664007">
      <div class="userImage"></div>
      <div class="colourPreview">
         <div class="previewName"><p>User's name</p></div>
  <div class="user 19380756">
     <div class="userImage"></div>
     <div class="colourPreview">
        <div class="previewName"><p>the other user's name</p></div>
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That is some incredibly confusing code you have there... You are alternating between 'this' being your object and 'this' being a DOM element. Is a class or an id? Your bind selector uses a '.' so you are searching for something based on class. – loganfsmyth Dec 28 '11 at 22:11
Ya, apologies for the confusion. I've been continuously working on it and managed to get it working, but not the way I was hoping to. The problem wasn'twhat I thought it was, so I think I should probably close this question. Thanks for the comment though! – ReadyWater Dec 29 '11 at 18:21

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