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I am binding a List<> to an ItemsControl as shown below:

<ItemsControl x:Name="myItemsControl" ItemsSource="{Binding MyList}" Grid.Row="1">

I need to change this binding dynamically to another List on an event.

How to do this? I tried the following, but doesn't work.

myItemsControl.ItemSource = MyListOther;

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take a look at here… – Enigma State Dec 28 '11 at 19:27

You can change the reference of MyList to another instance of List<T>, or you could just repopulate the list that MyList references.

Note that assuming you are using the MVVM design pattern, and that MyList is a property on your view model (which is the current DataContext), then you should implement INotifyPropertyChanged on your view model, and invoke the PropertyChanged event when your MyList reference changes.

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ok. I don't know MVVM. What resource do you recommend to understand MVVM pattern? – devnull Dec 28 '11 at 19:37… is a good introduction. Also, you want to use an MVVM framework, I would recommend Caliburn.Micro - – devdigital Dec 28 '11 at 19:42

Oh, it's pretty simple, just take a look at code below and everything should be clear.


<ListBox Name="list" />


private List<string> collection = new List<string> { "test", "2", "3" };
public MainPage()
    Binding b = new Binding();
    b.Source = collection;
    list.SetBinding(ListBox.ItemsSourceProperty, b);

Of course need for such resolution may indicate that your architecture is incorrect. You should use MVVM (Model View ViewModel) design pattern and than implement INotifyPropertyChanged interface to notify your View that list was changed. This way there would be no need to manually create bindings in code behind. Also, you could use ObservableCollection<T> which would automatically notify Views that use this list each time new element was added or removed.

Those are just hints for you to consider while you're implementing your applications. If you're writting just some simple test code, code behind isn't that bad, but in bigger applications try MVVM approach.

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