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I want to check whether a string contains any of the substrings that I place in an array. Basically, I want to search the extensions of a file, and if the file is an "image", i want certain code to execute. The only way I can think of categorizing the file as an "Image" without downloading the file is through the substring in a string method. This is my code so far:

NSString *last5Chars = [folderName substringFromIndex: [folderName length] - 5];

         NSRange textRangepdf;
         textRangepdf =[last5Chars rangeOfString:@"pdf"];

         if(textRangepdf.location != NSNotFound)
         [self.itemType addObject:@"PDF.png"];

Is it possible to do this where I can check if last5Chars contains @"jpg" or @"gif" of @"png" etc...?? Thanks for helping!

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Why last five chars? –  Abizern Dec 28 '11 at 19:45
To basically get the extension of the file. I didn't want to just get the last 3, since some files could have a longer extension. 5 just to be cautious. –  Prajoth Dec 29 '11 at 3:59

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NSString *fileName;
NSArray *imgExtArray; // put your file extensions in here
BOOL isImage = [imgExtArray containsObject:[fileName pathExtension]];
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thanks!! it works! –  Prajoth Dec 29 '11 at 12:00
[folderName hasSuffix:@".jpg"] || [folderName hasSuffix:@".gif"]

obviously you can put it into a loop, if you have a whole arrayful.

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Rather than mess about with ranges and suffixes, NSString has a method that treats an NSString as a path and returns an extension, it's called pathExtension.

Have a look in the NSString Documentation

Once you get the extension you can check it against whatever strings you want.

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