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I have this:

textBoxNano.Text = stats.Nano.ToString();

The problem is when the stats.Nano (which is a double) gets with more digits, the textBoxNano displays it:


What I want is to display larger numbers normally.Ex:


I tried to pass the .ToString("G10"); but nothing changed.

EDIT: Ok I changed it to:

textBoxNano.Text = stats.Nano.ToString("F10");

but now I have another problem. It displays 1 like this 1.0000000000 How to hide the zeros remaining?

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Don't use the general format string G - use F for fixed point.

textBoxNano.Text = stats.Nano.ToString("F10");

This will produce (as per your example):


Take a look at Standard Numeric Format Strings to see the different options.

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@Bosak - With a whole big number, you need to specify a larger precision. I tried "G15" and it worked fine with 100000000000. – Oded Dec 28 '11 at 20:50
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I solved my problem with Custom Numeric Format Strings

I used .ToString("#,0.####################"); which outputs 0.01 and not 0.01000000000000000

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