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I need help with my thesis please!

I have to make a visualisation of the IDA*(iterative deepening A star) algorithm when it is running a 15-puzzle problem. Exactly, I need to visualize the tree and the puzzle.

IDA* algorithm is similar to the A* algorithm. link 1 2 3

There are 3 things I need to implement:

1)The IDA* code.

2)After that, the IDA* connected with the problem(15-puzzle).

3)And, after that, I need to visualize the tree of the algorithm.

But I believe that someone before must have implemented the code for the IDA* running the 15-puzzle problem. I need your help to find this source code so that I would not spent 2 months writing code that has been written by someone else before, so that I would have time to focus on the visualization. Please help.

15-puzzle link 1 , link 2

I know some C,C++ and C#.

The thing is that the time is running out!!! and I can't find the source code. I need a simple source code, that I would comprehend, in which you input a table as a puzzle and it gives you back as a table with the solved puzzle.

Secondly, what programming language from the 3 above do you suggest me to use for the visualization?

I have found some implementations:


A* in C++, I need IDA*

IDA* in java (this seems like chinese to me)

IDA* in pheudocode link1 link2 link3

IDA* in C (this seems again like chinese to me)

IDA* with 15-puzzle (this one has a lot of java files that need to be explained)

15-puzzle solved in an applet (I dont know if it is solved with IDA*)

A* and IDA* that solves Sliding puzzle (This one uses templates that aren't defined)

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If this is a core component of your research, asking this question is foolish - you'll struggle to assign credit, and you aren't going to learn how to do this yourself. If it isn't, consider referencing someone else's work if you don't have time to do the work yourself –  Andrew Walker Jan 1 '12 at 10:35
@george mano : see this link(it is in java however) - brian-borowski.com/Software/Puzzle . Scroll down to the middle of the page. you will find the source code there. –  Ashwin Nov 4 '12 at 4:23

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IDA* takes approximately ten minutes to implement. Your heuristic function is trivial, I guess you at least manage to implement manhattan distance (there are better heuristics, but this'll do).

Then you simply implement A* and then add the cut-off limit criteria. The Wikipedia article you link to even has an implementation in Python you simply can translate.

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