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Our company has a large number of projects that have gone from VSS to Subversion, and now I'd like to move them to Mercurial. Thus far, I've gotten hgwebdir.cgi working (Apache on Windows). At the moment I have to add allow_push = * to the .hg/hgrc of each repo in order to push changes. Is it possible to set this option globally on the server, so that we wouldn't have to edit every repository if changes were made in the future?

I've tried hgweb.config and Mecurial.ini to no avail.

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System default global settings are stored under c:\Mercurial\Mecurial.ini This file and directory are not created by the Mercurial installer, so you have to do it manually.

This should also be supported in hgweb.config come version 1.3.

(Thanks to djc on freenode#mercurial)

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