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I have a WPF app using MVVM. I have a DataGrid on the form and the DataGrid has a column with a ComboBox that contains an ObservableCollection.

I want to add a "Please Select From List" to the top of the ComboBox. I tried using CompositeCollection to do this but could not get the ObservableCollection list to bind to the combobox, but the "Please Select" did bind OK.

How can I add a "Please select" to the top of the ComboBox in this scenario? Does anyone have an example of this?

Here is what I tried: XAML:

    <MyVM:MyViewModel x:Key="MyDataList"/>

            <ComboBoxItem>Select Address Type</ComboBoxItem>
                  <CollectionContainer Collection="{Binding Source={StaticResource MyDataList}}" />
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Try using an IValueConverter on the ItemsSource property. While in Convert method, add a "Select Address Type" item at the 0th index. –  decyclone Dec 28 '11 at 22:27
Sor your ViewModel is a list. Do you have a datatemplate for your list elements ? –  GameAlchemist Dec 29 '11 at 2:00

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