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I have a code below which is working correctly but is missing one thing. It is not returning the value for the $item['link'] which is the href of the title.

$html = file_get_html('http://news.google.com/news/section?pz=1&cf=all&ned=us&q=newzealand'); 

foreach($html->find('.blended-wrapper') as $article) {
    $item['title']     = $article->find('span.titletext', 0)->plaintext;
    $item['source']    = $article->find('span.esc-lead-article-source', 0)->plaintext;
    $item['clip'] = $article->find('div.esc-lead-snippet-wrapper', 0)->plaintext;

    $item['link'] = $article->find('.esc-lead-article-title a')->href;

    $articles[] = $item;

echo "<pre>";
echo "<pre/>";

This is what it outputs, as you see the link key is empty. I've tried so many things. Array

    [0] => Array
            [title] => New Zealand dominate 2011 after 24 years of pain
            [source] => Times of India
            [clip] => WELLINGTON: After 24 years of stumbles, disappointments and plain old chokes, New Zealand finally lived up to their billing as world rugby's premier side in 2011.
            [link] => 

    [1] => Array
            [title] => PRESS DIGEST-New Zealand newspapers - Dec 29
            [source] => Reuters
            [clip] => WELLINGTON Dec 29 (Reuters) - Following are some of the lead stories from New Zealand metropolitan newspapers on Thursday. Stories may be taken from either the paper or Internet editions of the papers.
            [link] => 
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This is the only one where you use space. Mey this will work: $article->find('.esc-lead-article-title')->find('a')->href –  Kristian Dec 28 '11 at 22:05
Just a guess, $item['link'] = $article->find('.esc-lead-article-title a',0)->href; –  Tim Withers Dec 28 '11 at 22:05
Thanks guys, but it still does not work. –  acrobat Dec 28 '11 at 22:29

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You have to get the first one of the links, even though there's only one in the collection:

$item['link'] = $article->find('.esc-lead-article-title a', 0)->href;

Even though simple_html_dom is modeled after jQuery, it's API does not map exactly to jQuery.

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Thanks, but that actually does not work. I had the 0 there before and has not worked. thanks for the effort though –  acrobat Dec 28 '11 at 22:28
@acrobat - If you look at the souce code of that Google page, you'll see that there's no space before the class attribute e.g. <a target="_blank"class="... vs. <a target="_blank" class=".... It seems this is what throws off the simple_html_dom parser. You'll see that your anchor (simple_html_dom) object does have a target property, but not a class or href property. –  Joseph Silber Dec 29 '11 at 7:26
Wow, a great find. Thanks Joseph. I'm working around it now. –  acrobat Dec 29 '11 at 23:52

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