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I've been trying to study datastrucutres and algorithms for many times and I feel everytime that I'm spending time on the theoretical part.
I wanted to know if there are some common famous projects to implement that mainly depend on sorting and search algorithms using C++ in order to practice more.

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Any RDBMS, i.e. PostgreSQL, MySQL etc. Any spell checker, though searching there is rather different and is based on string similarity algorithms (like Levenstein distance). There are also open-source search engines. They do all sort of things - similarity, semantics analysis, data collection, search etcetera. Some of the interesting C++ projects in this regard is Google's Spare Hash - a collection of amazing hash tables. In other words - sorting and searching is everywhere.

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One interview question i was given was about a data structure of names, such as a phone book.

Which would be the best data structure, and which sorting & searching methods would be best if:

  • You commonly search for one name at a time...or,
  • You commonly print out all the names in a row...or,
  • You commonly search for names when you don't know the full name, such as only first, or only last
  • etc.
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