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I was trying to follow the weka example using Eclipse, which is about decision tree evaluation and copied from weka page


Classifier cls = new J48();
Evaluation eval = new Evaluation(data);
Random rand = new Random(1);  // using seed = 1
int folds = 10;
eval.crossValidateModel(cls, data, folds, rand);

However, the Eclipse compiler gives the following message:

The method crossValidateModel(Classifier, Instances, int, Random, Object[]) in the type Evaluation is not applicable for the arguments (Classifier, Instances, int, Random)

I tried different version of weka.jar, but none of theme removes the above error message.

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I had a similar problem with MATLAB. Try to pass another empty Object Array to crossValidateModel. Something around:

eval.crossValidateModel(cls, data, folds, rand, new Object[] { });

should work.

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Probably you are using wrong classes. Include your imports.

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