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Looking around the web I see a number of plugins and patterns for using memcached in rails. I'm working on a new project and am wondering what the best of breed solutions are. Google turns up a lot of older results, which I'm not sure are the latest and best ways of doing things.

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We have had great success with the cache-money plugin, which provides transparent write-thru and read-thru caching solution.


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Thanks, that looks great, now how about for cases that cache money doesn't cover (fragments, joins, etc) –  Andrew Cholakian May 14 '09 at 22:59
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I've been using Garantia Data's Memcached Cloud under heavy-load and it has performed well. Their dashboard gives useful insight to cache read/write activity and latency. If running on Amazon, Garantia offers a access across Amazon's east coast backplane for performance and reduced transmission costs. The only gem I have found that works with their service is Evan's memcached gem. Dalli gem is not an option yet (July 2013) because Garantia has not implemented support for the Memcached's binary protocol.

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Update: Redis Labs' (formerly Garantia Data) Memcached ☁ fully supports the binary protocol (i.e. SASL authentication) so any gem and client can work against it. –  Itamar Haber Mar 19 at 16:46
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