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How can I play a sound effect only when the user is touching? Just repeat it and stop when the user ends the touch.


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In your scene use

self.isTouchEnabled = YES;

And now you can respond to methods like ccTouchBegin or ccTouchEnd (forgot their names). So yeah, when touch begins, you can schedule a method which will play the sound effecr over and over. And when the touch ends, unschedule it.

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If you use SimpleAudioEngine, you can use playBackgroundMusic: (which defaults to loop) when you call ccTouchesBegan:withEvent:, then call stopBackgroundMusic: when you call ccTouchesEnd:withEvent:.

To use SimpleAudioEngine:

#import "SimpleAudioEngine.h"

To play the music in ccTouchesBegan:withEvent:

SimpleAudioEngine *sae = [SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine];
[sae preloadBackgroundMusic:@"MusicLoop.mp3"];
sae.backgroundMusicVolume = 0.5f;    // Sets the volume to 50%; this is optional
[sae playBackgroundMusic:@"MusicLoop.mp3"];

To stop the music in ccTouchesEnd:withEvent:

[[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] stopBackgroundMusic];
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