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            <file action="Copy" deleteAfterMerge="false">C:\_CCNET\Aso\Artifacts\msbuild-results.xml</file>
            <file action="Copy" deleteAfterMerge="false">C:\_CCNET\Aso\Build\src\TestResult.xml</file>
    <email from="xx@xx.net" mailhost="mail.xx.net" mailhostUsername="xx" mailhostPassword="xx">
            <user name="x" group="developers" address="xx@gmail.com"/>
            <group name="developers" />

and xmllogger create folder log and save file in it with random name like log20111229001245.xml.

How can I merge this file to msbuild-results.xml and send it with mail?

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You don't, at least not the way you are approaching this. The standard way would be:

  1. Replace your xmllogger configuration with simple <xmllogger/> and put it after the merge publisher.
  2. Unless the msbuild-results.xml and TestResult.xml files are very large, use action="Merge" instead of Copy for the merge publisher.
  3. Set you email publisher to includeDetails="TRUE" - once the other files are merged into you build report, that tells CruiseControl.Net to output the full build report in the email.
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