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I'm having an issue that I've seen in a couple of places, but with no real resolution.

I'm attempting to view my friends' checkins using the /checking api. I'd prefer not to use fql, as proposed in this answer: Graph Checkin method returns empty data, because I'd like to have all of the user/place/checkin meta data in one call.

I've tested the call using the access token that all the examples on the Graph API docs site use ( When I use that access token on this url:

I get back a result with one checkin.

However, when I use the token I've generated via my app on the same url I get an empty data set. I've confirmed that the permissions on both tokens are the same using the /me/permissions call and that other calls return the same result for both access tokens.

Is there something that needs to be configured on the app side? Is there anything else I could be doing incorrectly?

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