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I am using a java jar dependency that requires a certain property file to be on the classpath. I can't for the life of me figure out how to add this folder/file to the classpath. I am using play 2.0.

I have added the file to both the /conf directory and have tried to add it to the root of my app source folder. The file does not seem to be recognized by the dependency.

BTW: play 2.0 uses sbt to compile and run the application so maybe something there could help?

Any ideas?

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You should be fine if you put the property file where your class files are. When you use SBT you probably use either:

The project root directory as source directory. In this case just put your property file into the root directory.

Or the maven layout, so your normal classes are under src/main/scala In this case put your property file under src/main/resources

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Although the answer of Jens Schauder should solve your issue, you may want to try to add the file to the lib folder.

Play 2.0 won't remove files manually added in there (at least it doesn't at the time I'm writting this!) and that folder should be included into the classpath automatically.

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