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I got a Repository of type Item My goal is to have the Repository provide an Observable or basically a "stream" of Item using an Observable.

I'm a complete beginner regarding RX but think I got a good grasp of the basics. My problem has been finding a way to keep an Observable alive and manually push Item to it as they come in (which might be sockets or anything else async based). Basically a Hot Observable.

I got it working using a Subject<Item> to which I subscribe but I'm missing the power of a "regular Observable", i.e. LINQ queries to filter the stream. I'm afraid that I'm overlooking something or looked past a fitting approach.

Any insight or direction for a beginner like me would be highly appreciated.

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You're probably missing a using System.Reactive.Linq reference, otherwise Select et. al. should show up on the Subject<T>.

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My reading of his question was that he has it working for Subject, but not for IObservable. –  sblom Dec 29 '11 at 0:10
This was exactly it. I was stumped why I didn't have the LINQ operators on Subject and more why I couldn't find a solution to my problem. Thank you. –  ndsc Dec 29 '11 at 0:14

See http://rxwiki.wikidot.com/101samples#toc47

Make your class native to IObservable

If you are about to build new system, you could consider using just IObservable.

Use Subject as backend for IObservable

class UseSubject
    public class Order
        private DateTime? _paidDate;

        private readonly Subject<Order> _paidSubj = new Subject<Order>();
        public IObservable<Order> Paid { get { return _paidSubj.AsObservable(); } }

        public void MarkPaid(DateTime paidDate)
            _paidDate = paidDate;                
            _paidSubj.OnNext(this); // Raise PAID event

    private static void Main()
        var order = new Order();
        order.Paid.Subscribe(_ => Console.WriteLine("Paid")); // Subscribe

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