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I want to create an integer custom field on an object. I see that I can create a custom field of "Number" but that seems to return a decimal type. Mostly this is annoying as I plan to use the field as an Integer and everywhere I'm using it in code I have to cast it to an Integer. None of the other field types seem to be even close - the only other field type that even seems to hold a numeric type is Currency.

I've adjusted the number after the decimal fields to (3,0) - three numbers before the decimal, zero numbers after the decimal. It's still returning a decimal.

Is it even possible to create an integer? Is casting it every time I need it considered the "best practice"?

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You can't create an integer type. As you've discovered, Number results in a decimal. If you'd like to treat it as an integer you just cast it.

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I was afraid of that, but thought I would check. Thanks. –  Ryan Elkins Dec 29 '11 at 2:05
Hi Ryan, just in case you want an easy way to put this on a VF page without a controller where you can cast it, you can get 0 dp displayed by using {!FLOOR(TheField__c)}. –  LaceySnr Jan 3 '12 at 0:18

If you're using the field in Visualforce, make sure you use <apex:outputField> or <apex:inputField>, as opposed to <apex:outputText> and <apex:inputText>, which will render out the decimal place. Ran into this issue not long ago.

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