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I want to use joe or jed to code in C language. Any way to have autocompletion?

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joe and jed are two completely different programs, but the answer is "not really" for both:

  • jed: theoretically yes, but practically no. The home page claims that jed is "extensible in the C-like S-Lang language making the editor completely customizable". You might be able to hack in autocompletion this way, but it'd probably be more work than learning to use a better text editor.

  • joe's documentation claims that you can "complete word in edit buffer by hitting ESC Enter (uses other words in buffer for dictionary)". Which is something, but it's not full autocompletion.

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I have not asking for the best text editor, but thanks for your opinion. Yes, I've also visited both homepages. Do you have used both editors? Thanks anyway. – Igor Parra Dec 29 '11 at 2:54
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Ok. In the last hours I have learned the following (Only for jed):

Checking at Guido Gonzato's excellent Quick Reference Guide. we found:

Completion is the automatic expansion of partially-typed words. If your text contains the word frobnication', typingfro' followed by M-/ (M-X dabbrev) will either expand the whole word, or cycle amongst all possible completions.

It works for previously typed keywords.

A better autocompletion can be obtained through complete mode. you will need: Installing modes from Jedmodes.

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