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I would like to extract UID from /etc/passwd file which looks like this-


The problem I'm facing is that even if I match first 33, the second 33 (GID) is also getting matched. How I match first occurrence only?

So far I've this- [\d]+

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Can you limit your regex matcher to one match only? – alex Dec 29 '11 at 3:07
What regex are you currently using? – wadesworld Dec 29 '11 at 3:10
updated with what I've right now – user837208 Dec 29 '11 at 3:13
this works- :[\d]+?: – user837208 Dec 29 '11 at 3:27
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You need to use a possessive-quantifier:


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That x in the second field used to contain the crypted password. Nowadays you can pretty much be sure that it is x for all entries so you can use the following:

$ grep x:33 /etc/passwd

See shadow password for details on that x.

You didn't tell us what you were trying to do actually so I'll take a guess that you might want to look at the man id man page.

If it's only uid that you're interested in then you can use cut:

$ cut -f 3 -d: /etc/passwd
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I am trying to extract UID from /etc/passwd file – user837208 Dec 29 '11 at 3:14

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