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I'm struck with a Zend paginator issue for the past two days.

My html side

I have a form with 4 checkboxes on clicking any of these checkboxes the form will submit using jquery and based on that value Zend paginator result will occour My question is How can i submit the form when pagination links ( 1 2 3..) since it is a url

<form name="frm_submit" id="frm_submit" action="" method="post">
<input type="text" name="search" id="search" />
    <input type="checkbox" name="opt1" id="opt1" />
    <input type="checkbox" name="opt2" id="opt2" />
    <input type="checkbox" name="opt3" id="opt3" />
    <input type="checkbox" name="opt4" id="opt4" />

 $searchdata = $this->someFun($checkboxval,$searchtextboxval); //A function returning some data based on the checkbox value
 $paginator = Zend_Paginator::factory($searchdata);
 $this->view->paginator = $paginator;

The problem is I cant get the checkbox value in the server side when user click a pagination link(Eg 1 2 3 Next.) ? How can i do this ?

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1) Add attribute value to you input checkboxes, which holds the number of page you want to display, i.e.:

<input type="checkbox" name="opt1" id="opt1" value="1" />

2) Add the value of clicked checkboxes to the url as param:


3) Retrieve page param in controller action and pass it to the paginator:

$params = $this->getRequest()->getParams();
if (isset($params['page'])) 
    $page = $params['page'];
    $page = 1;
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The value is already giving to it via jquery and its working fine..my problem is how do i get the value of checkbox when the user clicks a navigation link(Previous 1 2 3...next) etc.. –  coolguy Dec 29 '11 at 10:26
I do not fully understand the logic of UI - user need to click a checkbox or a link to change the page? –  M. Hryszczyk Dec 29 '11 at 11:33
Yep ..NP ...I fixed the Issue...I had to use session although i hate it –  coolguy Dec 30 '11 at 3:33

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