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I am trying to program a facebook app builder that let user to build their app when i try to register a new facebook app using link


i get a message to allow app to create app on behalf user after that it transfer user to the next page which i define in link the problem is i get a url like that


and i need a way to read response in url that i get, i mean the code after # any one can help me

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Does the hash get passed down to your canvas page? If yes: have you tried just parsing location.hash for this data in Javascript? If no: What about using a proxy-script? Set "your-domain.com/somescript.htm"; as next-param, parse the hash & redirect to a proper Url where you pass the parsed hash as query params. The data is passed in the hash, so I doubt there could be a solution without Javascript. – Jan Olaf Krems Dec 29 '11 at 5:35

Okay... I am trying to understand what you are trying to do...

Do you mean you want to create an application that creates applications? Thats not possible.

However - related to your question how to get the data passed to your app: Its not possible with an hashtag, but just append your data as GET parameter named "app_data" to your URL, like so:


The data now gets passed to your app inside the Signed Request.

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Isn't app_data only important for page tabs..? Canvas apps get passed all GET params anyhow - or do I confuse something here? – Jan Olaf Krems Dec 30 '11 at 23:37
Nope, you are right - just figured it out by myself - I didn't know that all GET parameters get passed to canvas apps =/ – Christian Engel Jan 5 '12 at 0:44

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