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I'm trying to add the character Ö (U+00D6) to my regular expression below. Apparently something is going wrong because it's not working on my preg_match function.

The regular expression that works fine:


The one that should work but does not:


I'm obviously trying to create a regular expression that is started with an uppercase letter extended with Ö and followed by lowercase letters. In total, the length of the string must be between 2-32. What is wrong with the regular expression that contains the Unicode expression for Ö?

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The \x{00D6} will only match the single byte \xD6 symbol. When you pass in a string to preg_match it's however most likely encoded in UTF-8, which is \xC3 \x96.

You need to use the /u modifier for your regex to support that.


Also the {1} is decorative, but redundant.

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You just saved my day. Thank you for the answer to the actual question and the part about {1} being redundant. –  gzg Dec 29 '11 at 3:50

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