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 <div id="siteFeelingBannar" class="shadowVeryMild">
       <li><div class="autologinImage"></div><span class="statusHover">Affectionate</span></li>
       <li><div class="autologinImage hidden"><span class="statusHover autologinMargin">Annoyed</span></li>
       <li><div class="autologinImage hidden"><span class="statusHover autologinMargin">Anxious</span></li>
       <li><div class="autologinImage hidden"><span class="statusHover autologinMargin">Chatty</span></li>
       <li><div class="autologinImage hidden"><span class="statusHover autologinMargin">Content</span></li>
       <li><div class="autologinImage hidden"><span class="statusHover autologinMargin">Curious</span></li>
       <li><div class="autologinImage hidden"><span class="statusHover autologinMargin">Ecstatic</span></li>
       <li><div class="autologinImage hidden"><span class="statusHover autologinMargin">Excited</span></li>
       <li><div class="autologinImage hidden"><span class="statusHover autologinMargin">Free</span></li>

I have the above piece of code that gives a drop down list so people can choose their current feeling.

You will notice the first li is slightly different to the rest:

  <li><div class="autologinImage"></div><span class="statusHover">Affectionate</span></li>

This is the currently selected li as it doesn't have the div.hidden class (adds a img - tick to show selected) and it doesn't have the span.autologinMargin class (gives the other li items some required spacing so they all lineup) set.

I've been trying to write the jQuery to allow this to switch. eg: if someone clicks on a different li then this one has the div.hidden removed and span.autologinMargin removed and the previously selected one has these 2 classes added.

Can someone help give me a push in the right direction with this code.

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This should work.

$('#siteFeelingBannar li').click(function(){
    // Add the class to div and spans

    // Remove the classes from div and span.
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Simplify it by adding the class to the li, and then style using child selectors.

That way all you need to do is add/remove the class from the li and not the descendant elements.

var lis = $('#siteFeelingBannar li').click(function() {

<div id="siteFeelingBannar" class="shadowVeryMild">
   <li><div class="autologinImage"></div><span class="statusHover">Affectionate</span></li>
   <li class="hidden"><div class="autologinImage"><span class="statusHover">Annoyed</span></li>
   <li class="hidden"><div class="autologinImage"><span class="statusHover">Anxious</span></li>
   <li class="hidden"><div class="autologinImage"><span class="statusHover">Chatty</span></li>
   <li class="hidden"><div class="autologinImage"><span class="statusHover">Content</span></li>
   <li class="hidden"><div class="autologinImage"><span class="statusHover">Curious</span></li>
   <li class="hidden"><div class="autologinImage"><span class="statusHover">Ecstatic</span></li>
   <li class="hidden"><div class="autologinImage"><span class="statusHover">Excited</span></li>
   <li class="hidden"><div class="autologinImage"><span class="statusHover">Free</span></li>

#siteFeelingBannar > ul > li { ... }
#siteFeelingBannar > ul > li > div.autologinImage { ... }
#siteFeelingBannar > ul > li > div.autologinImage > span.statusHover { ... }

#siteFeelingBannar > ul > li.hidden { ... }
#siteFeelingBannar > ul > li.hidden > div.autologinImage { ... }
#siteFeelingBannar > ul > li.hidden > div.autologinImage > span.statusHover { ... }
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Damn, a good answer before I could finish typing mine. XD –  James Dec 29 '11 at 3:56
Ahh - you're back :) –  Adam Rackis Dec 29 '11 at 4:02
Classes are not getting added or removed to/from span. –  Virendra Dec 29 '11 at 4:03
@Virendra: Read the whole answer. –  squint Dec 29 '11 at 4:04
Hi @AdamRackis. Back for a little while anyway. :) –  squint Dec 29 '11 at 4:06

The earlier answers aren't noticing that the classes are on a nested <div>, not the <li>.

$("#siteFeelingBannar li").click(function() {
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This would not add and remove classes to/from span. –  Virendra Dec 29 '11 at 3:59
Teaches me not to scroll, edited. –  Interrobang Dec 29 '11 at 4:01

You can use code like this that adds the class to all .autologinImage elements and then removes it from the click on element:

$("#siteFeelingBannar .autologinImage").click(function() {

You can see it work here: http://jsfiddle.net/jfriend00/ECrHP/

You will also have to fix a <div> nesting inconsistency on your first <li> in your HTML. The <span> should be inside the <div> rather than after it like all the other ones.

There's no need to dynamically add/remove the autologinMargin class as you can control that with only CSS based on whether the parent is hidden or not. In fact, you probably don't even need that class. Just set a default rule and override that if .hidden is above it.

If you're willing to move the classes that are now on the div up to the li and adjust the CSS appropriately, then the code can be even simpler:

$("#siteFeelingBannar li").click(function() {
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This would not add and remove classes to/from span. –  Virendra Dec 29 '11 at 4:02
@Virendra - It adds and removes from the div which is where the existing "hidden" class is. We assume that's what the OP wants to add/remove. The autologinMargin class can be removed entirely and the that issue handled entirely with CSS. –  jfriend00 Dec 29 '11 at 4:04

You can simply try the switch class property built into jquery.

$('.classname').hover( function(){
    $(this).stop(false, true).switchClass("classname");
}, function(){
    $(this).stop(false, true).switchClass("2ndclassname);

Is an example.

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switchClass is part of jQueryUI, not jQuery core. –  Andrew Whitaker Dec 29 '11 at 3:54

You could add a class to the selected li, lets say selected. Then you can use that to find the selected li and add the appropriate classes to its children.

Something like this:


I would consider instead defining your css so that you don't have to remove and add these classes. Something like this:

    visibility: hidden;

.selected .autologinMargin{
    visibility: visible;

Also, using visibility will allow you to keep the margin steady since the image will still take up space.

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Here is a working example.

$('#siteFeelingBannar li').on('click', function() {
    if (!$(this).children('.autologinImage').hasClass('hidden')) {
        // Do nothing
    } else {
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