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In Javascript is there a way to check if an element already has a box-shadow applied?

I am doing this because I am adding a inner(inset) box-shadow when there may already be an outer shadow. If there's already a shadow I need to place a comma before the new styling text.

var shadowStyle = "5px 5px #000000";

if (ele.hasBoxShadow())
   ele.style.boxShadow += ", "+shadowStyle;
   ele.style.WebkitBoxShadow += ", "+shadowStyle;
   ele.style.MozBoxShadow += ", "+shadowStyle;
   ele.style.OBoxShadow += ", "+shadowStyle;
   ele.style.MsBoxShadow += ", "+shadowStyle;
else ele.style.boxShadow = shadowStyle;
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Can't you just check if any of those are set? if (ele.style.boxShadow || ele.style.Web...). –  FakeRainBrigand Dec 29 '11 at 4:15

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If you wanted to do it with ele.hasBoxShadow().

Element.prototype.hasBoxShadow = function() {
    return window
            .cssText != 'none';


It also works if the property is set with a vendor prefix (at least it does in Firefox 8)

I wouldn't recommend augmenting the Element's prototype, however. Make a utility object and add this as a method.

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