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I'm using a datagrid with its default scrollPanel which set "opacity" to "0.7".

I want to change the opacity to "1" but the ScrollPanel is just created by some "div", not using "CSS" resources. So, I could not override any CSS resource also CSS attribute.

Please suggest me how to change the "opacity".


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Even though it its setting in some div element you can set the opacity in css... In your css type the following

.gwt-scrollpanel {
Opacity : 1.0 !important;
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Thanks, but scrollPanel of the DataGrid does not use gwt-scrollpanel. It is just two <div>, so I used "DOM.setElementAttribute" to update the Opacity and saw it takes effect. –  Xuna Jan 17 '12 at 3:03
"Rahul" (@user3829439) asks to @Xuna, "Can you elaborate on what you did. I am also facing the same problem." –  drs Jul 11 at 12:56
I used DOM to get the correct element, then change opacity by Java code –  Xuna Nov 1 at 9:33

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