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I have some JSON returned to the browser like this "product":

{ "Title": "School Bag", "Image": "/images/school-bag.jpg" }

I want this data to be a "Product" object so I can use prototype methods like a toHTMLImage() that returns a HTML image representation of the product:

function Product() { }
Product.prototype.toHTMLImage = function() { //Returns something like <img src="<Image>" alt="<Title>" /> }

How do I convert my JSON results into a Product object so that I can use toHTMLImage?

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Simple, if I got it,

var json = { "Title": "School Bag", "Image": "/images/school-bag.jpg" }
function Product(json) {
    this.img = document.createElement('img');
    this.img.alt = json.Title;
    this.img.src = json.Image;

    this.toHTMLImage = function() {
        return this.img;

var obj = new Product(json); // this is your object =D
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For converting JSON to an object you can use window.JSON.parse(jsonText) in Mozilla (check Chrome and Opera, I don't know how it works there.)

In Internet Explorer you can use (new Function("return " + jsonText))(), but you should check the JSON for non-valid symbols, google it.

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var stuff = { "Title": "School Bag", "Image": "/images/school-bag.jpg" }
var newstuff = new Product();
for(i in stuff) newstuff.i = stuff[i];

Not sure if this will work, but give it a shot:

var stuff = { "Title": "School Bag", "Image": "/images/school-bag.jpg" }
stuff.prototype = Product;
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Try: stuff.__proto__ = Product.prototype; – el.pescado Apr 29 '10 at 8:33

Maybe this page will be usefull :

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