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is there any possibility how to upload on web picture with selenium testing tool ? I am using python.

I tryed many things, but nothing didnt work. I am desperate.

Upload looks like this :


Thank you for your help


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I posted an [answer here using python][1]. [1]: stackoverflow.com/a/11872608/471376 –  JamesThomasMoon1979 Aug 8 '12 at 20:30

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Upload input control opens a native dialog (it is done by browser) so clicking on the control or browse button via Selenium will just pop the dialog and the test will hang.

The workaround is to set the value of the upload input via JavaScript (in Java it is done via JavascriptExecutor) and then submit the form.

See this question for sample in C#, I am sure there's also a way to call JavaScript in Python but I never used Selenium Python bindings

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What I'm doing is this (make sure drv is an instance of webdriver):


and then find your submit button and click it.

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All these approach wont work with modern image uploaders in olx !!! Alternative approach (only for windows )

1. Automation of windows can be done using Autoit 
2. Install Autoit and SciTe Script editor 
3. Autoit code :(imageupload.au3)

WinActivate("File Upload");  for chrome use "open" that is the name of the window that pops 
send("D:\images\image1.png");  path of the file

4. compile it to get an .exe file(imageupload.exe)
5. Now from python call the .exe file like

import os
import os.system('C:\images\imageupload.exe') #path of the .exe file
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