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I want to grab all the images in the webpage using this program. But when I run this program I was getting the same image 10 times instead of different ones. I think the problem was with bin mode or the print statement "$pic->image" which was not able to clear the old contents of file handler.


# Grabs multiple images from a webpage

use Image::Grab;

$pic = new Image::Grab;

# Specify the total no of pages
$totalpages = 1;
$idx2 = 1;
$idx3 = 10;

for($idx = 1; $idx <= $totalpages; $idx++)
  $idx4 = 1;
  for ($idx2 = $idx2; $idx2 <= $idx3; $idx2++)
    $name = 'image'.$idx2.'.jpg';
    open(IMAGE, ">$name") || die "$name: $!";
    binmode (IMAGE);  
    print IMAGE $pic->image;
    close (IMAGE);
  $idx3 = $idx2+10;

Thank you.

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'$idx4' is zero in a numeric context. You might have noticed this if you had warnings turned on. – friedo Dec 29 '11 at 9:44
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You have put $idx4 here $pic->index('$idx4'); inside single quotes. Also, please use strict & warnings pragmas in your scripts, this will help you debug easily.

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