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I've tried Audio / embed / Object, but fail at all of them.

play wave file is ok, but cannot play stream.

<audio><source src="sample.wav" /></audio> OK

<audio><source src="http://mydomain/stream" /></audio> fail

<object data="sample.wav"></object> OK

<object data="http://mydomain/stream"></object> fail

jPlayer also cannot work!

I found a clue: If when I play it in firefox before, then safari works. It seems firefox download it so the safari can play it in quicktime's cache. code: <embed src="" height="45" width="170" type="audio/x-wav"/>

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You should use html5audioplayer. It slags a bit, but works in the end....

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First of all check this Supported Video and Audio Formats for audio/ video support information.

jPlayer, a jQuery/Flash/HTML5-Based audio player, claims to be able to play MPEG-4 Audio content. You should be able to use that.

jPlayer - Server Response - MIME Type

Another player is JW flash player, that you can try. check supported types

Web audio player for M4a
Seeking through a streamed MP3 file with HTML5 <audio> tag
How to play binary MP3 stream with jQuery/Javascript?

check this if it found somewhat relevant to your problem:
iPhone: Phonegap: Audio Playing in Background

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jPlayer also cannot work :( – Jeffrey Hsu Dec 29 '11 at 10:54
check this and another – Niranjan Kala Dec 29 '11 at 11:41

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